Many shapes of water

Water is not moving by itself, it needs to be moved to come alive but nothing is alive without water moving through it By itself it cannot hold form It needs something keeping it in place Carbon provides that support within all living beings

Bones are filled with life. They bring out stem cells - the basic building blocks to stay alive - to rejuvenate They used to be seen as rigid pillars, rock like structures within a living being. But they are full of blood, the bone marrow, all liquid or semi-liquid structures - their mechanical capacity can be compared to that of a hollow, elastic structure filled with liquids - thus the bone needs to be pressed and released, it expands through pressure if ever so slightly. Take that away and it’s just Calcium that’s left. But the liquids make it elastic, alive, adaptable.

Joints are alive They can be understood up to a degree by mechanical principles but they are not mechanical hinges as you’d find on doors or lokomotives. A healthy joint never really touches faces - though one would expect them to be in contact to transmit forces but - ever so slightly, if you look at the synovia - the joints liquid - synovia, it’s viscosity is like the top layer of the cartilage - it’s also nourishing the cartilage from the outside, it needs to be transported onto any given point within that surface for the cartilage to stay alive - so, if a joint is lost in punctual monotony, it’s literally already lost it’s live.

The water in shape of synovia is not getting in between the surfaces any more and the communication is stuck in one place.

Fascia are channels of life. They once were the white hulls for muscles. Now the knowledge expands to allow them to be seen as what they are - connective tissue - just as anything is infiltrated and shaped by that tissue, so are the outer hulls. But they are no rigid, tensile rope or carpet. They are information processors - they need to be kept alive - by being moved, pulled over their own layers, if they are not, they are reacting to that too - with building crosslinks interconnections into depth thus changing a very versatile and incredibly alive structure into something more rigid.

Nerves are embraced by life. The central nervous system is swimming in a hub of liquid - it’s protected from any side - water protects the nerves, providing a substrate for the nerve - connections to build and shocks to the system being buffered, absorbed. The and spinal chord - such jelly-like delicate structures - they reach out into the liquid substrates with they tendrils gaining information and spreading it.

Inflammation is a call for life

Any inflammation within the body will call on local and systemic inflammatory responses.

Swelling, redness and heat are always supporting that - they are signs of inflammation. Thus the bodies response to structures being either chronically or acutely out of harmony with the forces and information they get will call on an inflammatory response, blood comes in, bringing in new life (stem cells, blood cells, etc.) to protect the life at stake to keep the organism in resonance with the life forces around and inside. Within a process of inflammation, the call for life leads to nerve-ends spreading in the area, stem cells bringing the building blocks to have a structure for the water to be in a shape adequate for the forces at hand.

Any given so called structure will have to process water through it in order to revive, adjust. Water brings the structure that’ll allow it to take on particular shapes. Carbon is highly reactive to water - so wherever carbon will get in contact with water, it will flow with it, wherever water gets in touch with static carbon, it will bring life to it.

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